Welcome to the Wine Excursion™

The press is welcome to cover the Richmond International Wine Excursion presented by MARTIN'S (RIWE)! The international wine, global cuisine, venues, events, and personalities you’ll find as the RIWE launches and grows will make a compelling story!

If you have media inquiries, please contact Alex Papajohn at 804.349.6909 or apapajohn@VariantEvents.com.

If you want to request a press pass, then please use the form below.

Please note that a press pass includes free access to the event, but does not permit the consumption of alcohol. Thus, as a member of the press, you will be permitted to enter and report on the event at no cost. However, if you want to consume wine, then you must purchase a drinking ticket on this Web site or at the door, if tickets are still available. This policy is consistent with Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control laws, which require a consumer to pay for the consumption of alcohol at a wine tasting event like the Lexus of Richmond Walk-Around Grand Tasting.

If your press registration is accepted, we will inform you via email. The press is permitted to enter an hour earlier than General Admission ticket holders (First-Class entry). Please see the First-Class entry times under the Trade Registration form below.